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Auto Insurance

With the proliferation of Zip, Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare opportunities, owning a car is no longer necessary. However, Texas is an at-fault state. If you own a vehicle and cause an accident, you’re on the hook for paying for everything. Here’s what Centex Insurance Solutions of Texas wants you to know about auto insurance.

Texas Auto Insurance Requirements

Every state has its bare minimum coverage. The snag is that if you’re paying for your auto, the insurance companies want you to buy full coverage. There’s a reason for that.

Texas’ minimums are 30-60-25. The 30 pays for injuries per person, the 60 per accident, and the 25 for property damage. Texas is a 50/50 state, meaning two people can be at-fault in an accident.

For example, the accident totaled both vehicles and sent you both to the ER. Is your minimum coverage going to pay for that? You’d have a good idea if you got extra coverage because once the policy limits are reached, you’re responsible for the rest of the charges.

Who’s Covered on The Policy?

If your kids take your car to the high school football game on Friday night, to the mall on Saturday, or loan your vehicle to a temporarily wheel-less friend, these people are covered as long as they have your permission to operate your vehicle. You’re covered if a rental car you drive is in an accident. Centex Insurance Solutions of Texas will explain what you don’t understand when you drop by for information.

What About Uninsured Drivers?

Some people can’t afford auto insurance. Some don’t see the point of it all. There are just as many underinsured drivers. Although the state doesn’t require such insurance, it’s good to have if you don’t want to pay for the damages.

Centex Insurance Solutions of Texas will walk you through all you need to know about the state’s auto insurance. Call or drop by today.

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