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Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance

Texas commercial truck insurance isn't only a matter of the type of truck being covered. The cargo and whether it is being transported in the state or out of it is also vital.

Since some truck drivers are independent contractors, it falls upon them to have the Texas minimum of commercial truck insurance. Trucking companies are required to show proof of liability insurance, and so do independent contractors. Centex Insurance Solutions Texas explains what you should know.

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Trucking liability insurance varies from company to company, but all must adhere to state and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMSA rules. Both set the minimums. Commercial trucks driving only within the state won't have to worry about federal problems. Interstate drivers will. Please stop by the office to check with us regarding these minimums.

For apparent reasons, oil and hazardous materials being transported have their own minimums and are quite stiff. Trucks carrying 26,000 pounds or less of only household goods have a liability substantially lower than trucks carrying 26,000 pounds or more of only household goods.

Other Types of Trucks

This covers everything from six to eighteen wheels. What about commercial trucks with four wheels? Catering trucks, bakeries, food festivals, farmers' markets, and food trucks need commercial truck insurance, too.

The Texas food liability insurance program or FLIP offers those in the food business basic liability, business property, and final product operations liability to cover any food eventuality you might run across.

Did you know that if you bought your commercial food truck in Texas but decided to move to Montana, your policy follows you? Just ensure you're compliant with any licensing and certifying rules of your new state, and you're good to go.

Centex Insurance Solutions Texas has the answers to questions about commercial truck insurance. Drop in or call us, and we'll be there to help.

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