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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

When you are in the state of Texas, renting a home can be a great housing option. As a renter, you will have the flexibility to move at the end of each lease term and will also not have the maintenance obligations that come with owning a home. When renting, you do still need to get proper insurance. A renter's insurance plan will offer various coverage options and benefits that make it a good option.

Personal Property Insurance

An essential form of coverage that you will receive with your renter's insurance plan is coverage for your personal property. If you move into a rental home, you will need to take many personal assets with you. These can include furniture, kitchenware, clothing, and electronics. Your renter's insurance plan will provide coverage for these items, which will be helpful if you incur a loss due to theft or damage.

Liability Insurance

With a renter's insurance plan, you will also receive helpful liability coverage. There is always a chance that an accident could result in injuries or property damage to the building. When this occurs, you could be held liable and will be responsible for restitution. If you continue to carry a full renter's insurance plan, you will get coverage to offset these costs.

Loss of Use Coverage

A renter's insurance plan could also include a loss of use provision. This will provide financial support if you cannot live in the unit for a period of time. This can cover other living expenses, moving costs, and other fees.

When you rent a home in Texas, you always need to ensure you get the right insurance. In many situations, this includes having a full renter's insurance plan, and speaking with our team at Centex Insurance Solutions can ensure you choose a quality plan. When you call us at Centex Insurance Solutions, you will obtain all the support necessary to build a new plan to meet your needs.

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